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Someone who is so nerdy, that they are considered meganerds. They really like school and/or get good grades. They always go to bed early, usually before 11 o'clock. They have socializing problems- especially texting- and aren't good at flirting. They are also usually scrawny and do not play any sports, (having an IQ greater than how much they weigh), but there are exceptions.

However, the most important quality of a meganerd is that they are very lovable and dorky in their own way <3
"Patrick is such a Meganerd, he keeps talking about school"
"Not as much as a Meganerd as Paul. He went to bed at 10 today."
"Yeah, but I still love him haha."
"Ofcourse. Gotta love our meganerds!"
by m3g4n3rdl0v3rs13 September 02, 2011
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