The Megalovania Effect:
Any song that is modified by any means but majority to most of the modified songs still sounds really good. At this point, We can conclude Megalovania is the first to achieve that in human history.

*the one who came up with this is: TwoSling_Mappings on YouTube
Epic Gamer: Yooo y'know what's sick?

Epic Memer: What bro?

Epic Gamer: That no matter how much you edit megalovania to make it sound like shit, it stills sounds good!

Epic Memer: Oh, that's the megalovania effect, when no matter how much you change it, it still sounds good.

Epic Gamer: Ohhhh, I see, thanks bro!

Epic Memer: No problem bro.
by ꧁ я χ н α η _ ꧂ January 25, 2020
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When a catchy song is remixed to the point where it becomes its own genre
The megalovania effect has been happening a lot lately especially with meme songs like never gonna give you up and we are number one
by [READYACTED] May 12, 2021
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When a song created by toby fox becomes over played, the original song is good, however, it is played to such a extreme degree that it becomes annoying to here. An example is megalovania, which is a good song but became a meme and is a joke now.
What do you think of Rude Buster?

Its good and all that but it underwent the Megalovania effect.
by i_exist111 September 29, 2021
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