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1. A mighty wizard who caused Flatheadia to turn into a small white house. See "Zork".

2. The coolest guy in the whole world, often hanging out at
1. Go North. Hello Sailor. Take Lantern. Talk to Megaboz.

2. Boy, Megaboz from freedomIRC sure is hot.
by Toni Westbrook June 02, 2003
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A form of Megabox, like a hypercube. When placing items into a megabox the items are immediately avaliable in all other megaboxes across the universe. However one will never know what is in the box until it is opened, meaning that all the matter/anti-matter/energy in the world is stored within a box until it is opened. This means that opening a megabox will destroy the universe.

A megabox was first implemented in the 1997 Capcom survival horror "Resident evil."

A megaboz is a person that contains all the knowledge in the world, and when he opens his mouth the entire world is destroyed.
Don't open that Megaboz, you're a fool if you dare! Don't you open that Megaboz... CUZ THERE'S SOMETHING DOWN THERE! DUN DUN! DUN DUN! DAH!
by Eck June 06, 2003
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