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An idiot, with no life, who never completed the 3rd grade, and spends his whole day insulting people on Power Ranger message boards, but if confronted in person he will back down and cry to his momma. Often seen sucking up to Zyuray making pathetic attempts at suggesting Quotes of the Month.

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MegaRed: What A dumbass?
Person1: Why r u calling me a dumbass?
MegaRed: Because you r one. Hey Ray, quote of the month.
Person1: Is that the best you could come up with?
MegaRed: Yes, because I'm an idiot with only a third grade education.
by BaddaBoom December 30, 2003
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When a woman on her menstrual cycle allows another individual to use his or her mouth as a strong vacuum to suck out as much blood from her lady parts as possible and spits it back into her mouth (preferably done in a drastic fountain-like exchange).
I was performing cunnilingus the other day when i had the brilliant idea to suck really hard and spit blood back into my girlfriends face. She opened her mouth at the right moment and thus the Mega Red was born.
by Sea Panther December 03, 2011
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