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Someone who frequents a forum in such an intensity that it is expected that they will have an opportunity to post on any topic within minutes of the post having been submitted originally.

A Mega Troller may post relevant or irrelevant items, as Trolls from Lord of the Rings never seemed too bright, but always make coherent or incoherent noise. They never sneak up on you or observe silently.
Suppose there's two users, User1 is a Mega Troller. User2 is a person starting a new topic on a forum.

- User2 posts a new topic at 10:03am.
- By 10:08am, User1 has already submitted at least 1 reply to the new topic.
- Every 3rd post on the forum is from the same user, regardless of the section.
by Instinct121 October 06, 2009
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