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The term medicine woman comes from Paleolithic times, and is passed down from mother and father to daughter through thousand of years. Women are taught life science, earth science, how to properly nutrient ourselves, cleanse our bodies, heal others, create a clean atmosphere, etc. Knowledge of nature and herbs, rejuvenate mind and body spiritually. One of the most important aspect is to understand one's relationship with the Creator and with Nature, that man is intimately dependent on God; the other one is that man is dependent deeply on nature. Both Native Americans and Ancient Chinese uses the term "Good Medicine" to describe the purifying and healing properties of herbal medicine.

Nature is the medicine woman's kitchen, and nature is also her classroom. Honour God. Honour His Earth and Honour each other. Honour our ancestors. My Soul Honour Your Soul. The Medicine woman acknowledge that Divine Creativity and its Sacred Energy (Holy Spirit) is everywhere. She senses the life force in the Old Oak trees growing in the Ancient Forest, tiny blooming plants receive the rays of sunshine. She notices the growing sensation of fresh herbs sprouting from the dark rich soil. In the Creator's universe, His infinite wisdom are expressed in its creation. The Medicine woman also understands that the physical and spiritual are deeply interwined; God's spirituality, God's beauty, God's fondness of humans, and His love expressed in all things & bearing Jehovah God's very own signature.
A medicine woman must listen carefully to her mother's words and her father's words and remember them well. Listening to the ancestral knowledge passed down from many generations of people who had lived before her, so she can gain the wisdom needed to understand nature, understand others and herself, balance the elements and use them in making food or other things, how to properly prepare herbs, and how to respectfully walk the earth along with its rich bounty of ocean life, forest life, and walk with the animals big and small. Medicine is her learning and medicine, her calling.
by Alex785 August 21, 2019
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