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Medical Nerd Syndrome or MNS for short is a disorder in which a person has an interest or an obcession with medical equipment, medical terms, and medications. The study of medical based stuff is kind of what this is all about here. MNS is caused by being around lots of medical stuff for example a person who was raised around lots of monitoring equipment may have an interest in the equipment. MNS has three types. Type I being the most severe. Type III is the least severe in which its just a minor interest, and maybe studying a little bit, because of a minor interest. Type II is when a patient maybe is so interested they own some medical equipment Type I is the MOST SEVERE. Its where the person has a SEVERE SEVERE obcession with machines, and medical based stuff. MNS should be controled because if its not, the patient can get severe, and they can develop a very very very severe OBCESSION in which they actually have psychological issues. MNS is most common around children who have terminal ilnesses and who have to live their life around machines, and all that stuff.
1. The patient with MNS was looking on ebay to try to find some nice pulse oximeters. Medical Nerd Syndrome effected the person who lived life with a father who was a respiratory therapist.
by Ventilator96 October 26, 2009
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