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1) The mass consumption of various types of meat (wings, sausage, ribs, etc.) in a manner that resembles a fiesta
2) The combination of the words "meat" and "fiesta" to describe a single event which combines the two into the coolest thing ever
3) An event similar to a fiesta, except only pertaining to meat
4) The single greatest event that concerns meat
5) The gathering of friends for the sole purpose of consuming a ton of meat
1) Before heading off to college, Guy 1 wanted to have a really awesome party, so he called up all of his friends and they ate a shit ton of wings, sausages, ribs, chicken, and many other various types of meat; they named it, "the Meatesta"
2) "Yo dude, we should have a fiesta. Except with nothing but meat. We should call it the Meatesta!"
by AJ Plight August 11, 2013
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