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The process of solving a conflict, or a number of conflicts between two or more parties through eating copious amounts of meat in front of the conflicting parties until an amicable agreement is reached.
1. "Me and my husbands marriage was on the rocks, until we had a few sessions of the only problem I have to worry about is taking a stool at regular intervals."

2. "Do we really need to get the lawyers involved, can't we just settle this through the civilised means of Meateatiation?"

3. "Can't this dispute be resolved through mediation?"

"I'm afraid not Ma'am, this is far too serious, I think the only way we are going to settle this is through five two hour sessions of Meateatiation.

4. "If you two cunts can't get your fucken shit together and resolve this conflict, I'm going to be forced to eat copious amounts of meat to solve this."

"What?!?!....surely we don't need to get a Meateatiator involved?"
by Soul of Distortion April 17, 2013
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