The stinkiest and smelliest of all creatures. It is near impossible to handle the stench.
I don’t know if i can handle meatbag anymore i might die!
by Boyfriend Girl June 22, 2020
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a ziplock bag filled with any type of meat and in the freezer also used to describe a really annoying or special person
ughh who left a meatbag in the freezer?

quit being such a meatbag!
by Master trolololololol January 17, 2012
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Gaming term used for a teammate whose main skill is to lure enemy forces out to better the team. One who doesn't have the best K/D spread, but is crucial in that he puts the need of the team in front of his own personal gain that normally results in death
-a sacrifice that benefits the team
"Don't worry guys, I will meat-bag to bring the other guys out from hiding."
"Alright guys.... This is it for me, my last ride... It is time to meat-bag for my bros"
by Steve813 March 14, 2015
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