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A small town in the northeast of England, right next to North Sheilds.

Meadowell stands out from any other town in the North East, this is because it is like someone has taken a chunk out of a third world country like Africa or Afghanistan, and placed it in the UK. Meadowell has many residents, none of which have a job and spend their days sponging off the government. 99.9% of Meadowell residents are inbred. When passing through Meadowell, it is wise to wind up your windows if in a car, or wear body armour if you're on foot or on a bike. On the plus side, Meadowell can be driven through like a Safari Park, looking at all of the strange creatures in their own habitat. Every resident of Meadowell is either a charv, tramp, druggie, prostitute, crack whore, pedophile, violent criminal or all of these examples merged into one.
N: Hey look, it's the city dump!
P: No, that's just meadowell...
by Goatse! April 26, 2007
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