That meme stealing site where it butchers memes with it's shitty redundant captions and tags, and usually ends up in Google Images mostly often in the moments when you're searching a fine meme OR you're searching for a specific funny picture you remember. Remember, if it's an meme with redundant captions, then it's most likely to be stolen by, or it could be an another meme stealing site.
Bob: OMG, Jim, i'm trying to search that meme, but it's with nonsensical captions!

Jim: What did you expect? It's me dot me (! Those fucking normies and their shitty meme stealing sites.
by Truths and Facts December 2, 2019
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A really shitty meme website that features 2 year old stolen garbage.
Joe: You check out the latest (me dot me) memes?
Frank: is for fags
by Dr carrier January 17, 2018
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