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Not to be confused with MC Prisonrape the rapper, a Mcprisonrape is a Mcgangbang with extra mayo, covered sadistically with ketchup. Usually eaten ravenously in turns by different members of a group, completely satisfying their hunger. Frowned upon by Mcdonalds authority and subject to removal off Mcdonald's premises.
"When I ordered a Mcprisonrape the cashier informed me that it was not on the menu. When I asked for a Mcgangbang I was swiftly removed from the premises".

"When asked what he did over the weekend, Jon replied, 'Me and the boys took the new guy to the ball pit and gave him a Mcprisonrape. I don't think he'll ever forget it'".

"Aww my butt's all red! I think I must have sat in some ketchup from that Mcprisonrape"

"Ya dude, I made that Mcgangbang my bitch. I asked for so much extra mayo it that I couldn't even see the patty. It was a straight up Mcprisonrape."

"Big Mac gave me a Mcprisonrape. The calories made me their bitch."
by liquidmagic August 31, 2011
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