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Mckinley Highschool is located in Canton, Ohio. They are considered a big football school because they didn't suck in the 90's. Now Canton Mckinley is more like a prison. Niggers are packing knifes in their socks and well if you're white and weigh less than 170 lb.... Find a new school. Its one thing being a black school, but at Mckinley if you even say the word "Bill Cosby" you'll have nine gangs on your ass. Since Mckinley is a all black school (no soccer team) their kicker is their linebacker. Most of their alumni will acquire jobs such as: Lawn services, Gas station attendant, drug dealer. The rest of them will most likely live of of welfarea. The 0.0000002% that make it to college, got an athletic scholarship.
Did you hear about the Prison break? Yeah, they all bought tickets to watch their kid's football game at Mckinley Highschool.
by White_Kid_33 December 31, 2010
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