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This is a secret underground cult created by Ian McKellen himself. His clan members were found straight, and some even engaged to woman. He quickly seduced them and began creating his clan of gay minions. He uses a highly difficult method called, "Backdoor" to do his recruiting. Also known as "Backdooring their asses." They all start out with a speedo, but higher classes get better speedos. The highest is a white leopard-skin speedo. As of now, Ian is the only one who wears one, and hasn't taken it off for many decades.

The clan members are called Mckellenites, and will forever be locked in an epic battle against the Jedi.
Wow, that kid's gay enough to convert to Mckellenism!

Hey, lock your doors. Tonight is when the Mckellenites come out and backdoor some helpless guys ass.
by ifIhadaname December 11, 2010
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