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This sandwich is for those looking to impress their friends whilst enjoying the higher end of McDonald's cuisine. The sandwich consist of the Angus Bacon and cheese third pounder and the Crispy Ranch BLT premium chicken sandwich. To construct you remove the onions from the Third pounder and place them on the Ranch BLT. You then place the entire Ranch BLT on top the the Angus beef patty. The final step is to place the top on the third pounder on top of the Ranch BLT, and add any additional ranch or a hot sauce of your choice for some added flavor. The order should then go, from top to bottom, Angus bread, ketchup, pickles, BLT bread, ranch, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, Crispy chicken patty, bottom of the chicken roll, Cheese, Angus patty, Bottom of the Angus bread. This sandwich originated in the Naples Florida McDonald restaurants. Warning: This sandwich is bound to cause common symptoms of the Itis.
Employee: Welcome to McDonald's what can we make for you today?

Customer: Can I get a McUltra?

Employee: Yes sir, you most certainly can, and we here at McDonald's would love to thank your parents for bringing such an amazing human being into this world.

Customer: Damn right.
by BigAnt1989 December 22, 2010
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