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Jack Black's famed "all food groups in one meal" diet from when he was filming "School of Rock"

1 McDonald's quarter-pounder with Cheese
1 McDonald's Fillet o'Fish sandwhich
orange soda

Open the quarter pounder w/ cheese, and place the fillet from the fish sandwhich on top of the beef patty, then add some ketchup and fries. Replace the top bun, and eat. Drink the orange soda.

You get you meat (beef/fish), your vegetables (tomato=ketchup, fries=potatoes), your fruit (orange soda=oranges, also ketchup=tomatoes), your carbohydrates (bun)
all in one meal.

"I'm gonna make a McSurf 'n Turf...its like a cow ate a fish, but the cow was running through a potato feild and got potatoes on its udders."
by macgregor42 March 08, 2009
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