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The action of going to Mcdonalds roughly around 12:00 A.M. (can be considered a noun) Reasons going include: nothing else is open so Mcdonalds is one of the only choices, or coincidentally seeing all of your friends at the same time because, hey, obviously thats when its the most packed.
"Yo, im mad hungry. Whats there to eat."
"..Its 12:00, nothings open, unless u wanna pull a McMidnight."

"Tonights so boring, what we about to do. Seems like everyones gone."
"They all probably McMidnightin', I bet you we will see 10 people we know."
"Its 12, why would anyone wanna go to mcdonalds?"
"there aint anythin else to do in the ville."
by NaperBLVD75th.miss home January 23, 2012
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