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McKala's are usually smart, gorgeous, great singers and writers, and are easy to love. McKala's don't have problems with saying things to your face, and want you you to say things to thiers. McKala's don't need to hide behind phones to tell you they hate you, or love you. McKala's are gifts from a higher power. McKala's love money and have LEGAL ways to get it. They also love thier freinds and select family members. They HATE when freinds are too absorbed in thier relationships to pick them over thier boyfriend once in a while. They are also often non-conforming.
James: See that, chick over there?

Cody: Yeah!

Stefen: Hell, she hot!

James: Yeah, she's such a McKala.

Cody: Yeah, she got an A on that algebra test today.

Stefen: She's too HOT to be smart!
by twilite February 25, 2010
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