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A fanon nickname for Grey's Anatomy character Dr Addison Montgomery, portrayed by actress Kate Walsh.
Inspired by the canon nicknames McDreamy (for the character Dr Derek Shepherd) and McSteamy (for Dr Mark Sloan).
Note: McHot may be used as either a proper noun or an adjective.
Grey's Anatomy fan: "Do you prefer McDreamy or McSteamy?"
Kate Walsh fanboy/girl: "Pfft. Neither- Addison all the way! Nobody compares to McHot."

by Minnehaha August 23, 2008
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When you see a hot chick at McDonalds eating a loaded Big Mac very hot and seductive that it causes her to have a major orgasim.
George: Dam look at the way she's garfing down that Big Mac

Matt: I know man thats just so McHot!!! :)

George: Ya man its so orgasmic :o
by Hunter_HH May 04, 2010
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