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A fictional comic book town inspired by the south boston-jamaica plain region of Massachusetts. Much similar to Gotham City. Whitey McGlofflin runs the show here, he fronts as a "no-care" english teacher while actually being a blackmarket kingpin for Novels of both the fiction and non fiction variety. His henchmen include Rattimus and AParxKilla The town was founded in the 1600's by the irish refugees who fled ireland. These refugees fled due to their small size, they were such tiny men that they were mistaken for potatoes during the Ye Olde Potato Famine.
Tim-"Dude i think that potato just tried to hit me"

Nick-"Nah dont worry bout that, its just Whitey McGlofflin on another one of his rampages, apparently someone ripped off his bootleg collection of "A Doll's House". Welcome to McGloff City.
by Nicky Killa Bee B July 06, 2009
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