A person with a weak constitution, little to no redeeming qualities, few positive attributes and no apparent skills or talents.
I emphatically and repeatedly informed my sister's boyfriend that he was Dookiestain McClane as he frequently broke eye contact and weakly smiled in silence having neither the balls nor the grounds to contest such an assertion.
by Flow Regulator May 3, 2011
Using a long thick ice sickle to vaginally toy your favorite lady on those cold kinky winter nights
The wife was feeling kinky last night so is broke an ice sickle off the roof and John McClaned her. Untill she melted it completely away.
by Pipeline soldier September 14, 2014
the theory that as an online discussion about Christmas/holiday movies progresses, it becomes inevitable that someone or something will eventually be mentioned that Die Hard is indeed, a Christmas movie
{person 1}I think Home alone is the best Christmas movie.
{person 2}Nah, the Grinch is the best!
{person 3}What about Jingle All The Way?
{person 4}Did you know Die Hard is a Christmas movie??
{person 5}Hahaha, mcclane's law!
by BToxic December 31, 2018