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McCaulay is a special young man. HE has many different attributes and his mother always said he was... different... McCaulay thinks he is straight but later on finds out that he is gay. He then meets a Daniel. McCaulay has few talents, yet many flaws. He likes to be an idiot. Make retarded faces. Tell bad dad jokes and even sleeps with his dog. McCaulay's generally have dark brown hair, brown eyes and HUMUNGOUS eye brows. you will never meet someone like McCaulay. So if you ever do find one. You better get the fuck away from him.
McCaulay: *Looks at you*
You: *Dies*
McCaulay: Hey you, wake up!
You: *Opens eyes* Hello?
McCaulay: *Makes loud bird high pitched screech*
You: I have never wanted to kill myself so badly
by Man Frog June 17, 2019
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