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Name given to someone with poor hair growth. People with this name are usually after debtors and are always up for a fight. It Is known in Africa that Mba means "NO", so we can therefore have a full meaning to the name MbaH - No Hair. Or if converted to acronyms MBAH - Making Bald Appear Handsome.
He's so Mbah
How can someone be so hairy yet so Mbah
His barber made him Mbah
by Laweejr007 February 06, 2020
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It usually stands for "make(ing)bald appear handsome"

"mbah" is a common language among Nigerian tweeps. its used when admiring an individual that just have a clean shaved head...
wow, jeff have you seen samuel new cut, he actually mbah.
by omokajola December 30, 2019
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