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Maytee is an extremely rare name. Maytee is a girl who is loving and caring. She has the best personality in the world, and all of her friends love her. She may not be the hottest girl around, but her confidence and her willingness to just have fun dominates that, and guys are attrated to her just for that (Plus, a Maytee is usually young and will grow up to be a HOTTIE). She is super nice and caring and never blows anybody off. She is the girl that, in a movie, she would be your best friend who always offers support while, in the begining, you want really hot girls who will do nothing but destroy you, and then you realize that she is the one that you loved all along. Something like that.
Guy 1: Dude, why are you going out with that Maytee when you had a chance with that cheerleader?

Guy 2: Well, I went on a comidic/ romantic adventure and found out that I love her.
by superhotlesbie1 April 12, 2011
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