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1. A One of many Techiebears that lives in the wild. Mayrabears can be found high up in the truss or in the tech booth calling the show. They eat all kinds of food but the key to their hearts is through onion rings and menchies frozen yogurt. The Mayrabear isn't known to travel in large groups. This is largely caused by its innate ability to smell bullshit and call it out. Therefore other techie bears tend shy away from the Mayrabear's beastliness. Although the Mayrabear may be a fierce and deadly creature, there is one Techiebear immune to their gruffness, the Codybear. In all, Mayrabears make great friends and excellent techies. Just keep your bullshit to a minimum and you won't feel their wrath!

2. A bitch who tells it like it is yet makes you love her for it all at the same time.

3. Bestest fuckin' buddy you can find!
-Crikeyy! We've spotted a Mayrabear in her natural habitat. Stay back though, she'll mess you up!

-Maaan that girl is such a freakin' Mayrabear!

-I wish I had a friend like that.
- Like what?
-Y'know, like that girl right there.
- Ha, that's a Mayrabear. Good luck finding a friend like that. They're almost too good to be true!
by FlyingPig January 04, 2010
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