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Mayoanne, spelled Ma/yo/ann or Ma/yo/ann/e is a type of person who loves freedom. They don't fall for someone easily, so, if they fall for you, you are a very lucky ones.

Mayoanne are usually somehow, mysterious. But when you are used to their atmosphere, it will become a bit of, brighter.

She is like onions, the more you peel, the more she will open herself. And like pineapples, they are harsh outside, but really smooth inside.

This person usually have amazing talents, like, drawing, dancing, etc. But yet, she doesn't know it. When they knows their talent, they will develop until the end. They don't give up easily too.
"Hey is that the girl called Mayoanne?"
"Yeah, she is so popular among everyone"
"I know, she's only like, a year in this school, and she's now fuckin popular"
"NO WAY, HOW?!!"
"Don't you see? Mayoanne is hot, she is talented drawer and dancer"
by Mayoanne June 18, 2017
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