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Exceptionally large hands in proportion to the rest of the body, a common genetic abnormality occurring in the natives of an area of western Ireland called Mayo. The reason for the mutation is believed to have come from the natives love for finding potatoes, throwing turf at strangers and means that the area breeds some of the finest volleyball players in the third world.
"Hey, check out these gloves, they cost me like 150 bucks!".
"Wtf, have you got Mayo Hands or something?"
by seedyplaya January 07, 2012
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When you got the killer Munchies, you order ya chips, burger, kebab ect. then dash out the door forgetting to grab one of thoses lil forks that were sat on the counter.

You leave the Chippie, Get in ya car car, drive off, park up to munch...then you realise...Fuck, no fork now ima get Mayo Hands
by Mark Hunter-Uk April 10, 2008
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