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I'm already Tracer
What about Widowmaker?
I'm already Widowmaker
I'll be Bastion
Nerf Bastion
You're right. So, Winston
I wanna be Winston
I guess I'll be Genji
I'm already Genji
Then I'll be McCree
I already chose McCree
I have an idea
What's your idea?
You should be...
I'm not gonna be Mercy
him: Maybe I'll Be Tracer -
by thisgitlisnotonfire November 21, 2018
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I'm already tracer.

Something you would say if you wanted to be Tracer, from the game Overwatch, as said in that song by The Living Tombstone. This song became popular because some "gamer" girl nade a Tik Tok about it.
by heylookmaimadeit January 04, 2019
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