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Meant to be together. Max and Claire are the type of people who were born to find each other. The thought of breaking up hurts both of worries they will rejoin soon. Max, Claire is the most special girl you will ever meet. Leaving her is the stupidest thing you can ever do. She is goregeous, she is intelligent, unique, funny, and is high over her heels for you. She has so many amazing traits. Claire, sometimes relationships go slo. You just have to deal with that. Max is the best thing that has ever happend in your life. He is handsome, 100%full of intelligence, athletic, hot, and is falling in love with you. Every girl wishes to be Claire, every bot wishes he were Max. Every boy wants to be with Claire, Max, you cannot let that happen. You two are a perfect match.
Max and Claire cant live without each other.
by Laverna February 04, 2012
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