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A person of low intellect, suffering from many cognitive impairments due to a family history of inbreeding and isolation from society for thousands of years.

Often associated with Red Necks in the southern states of the USA, the word Maw Dicker is actually though to originate from the tiny, obscure, isolated and inbred retirement shithole of Mawdesley in Lancashire, where everyone has been chronically inbred and removed from society since the middle ages.

General opinion believe it was a 19th century anthropologist called Gerald Ronce who first discovered, and coined the term Maw Dickers during an expedition to the featureless, desolate and extremely isolated bog land of Mawdesley, Lancashire. Ronce describes Maw Dickers as "hideously inbred, human beasts", who live in a state of mental degradation and social isolation on the featureless and desolate drained bog land of Mawdesley.

Today, Mawdesley is seen as a containment area for Maw Dickers. It is no accident that no public transport serves this isolated, lifeless enclave, and the obscure back roads and footpaths leading to this non-place are deliberately left to deteriorate by the council until they are impassable.

The threat of Maw Dickers contaminating the gene pool is seen as a potent threat to the health of society and national interests.
"I told you. You took the wrong turn. We're in the complete arse end of nowhere. It's not even on the map. Oh God! Look! That group of Maw Dickers are looking at us funny. Lets get out of this place before we are gang bummed."
by jjpwfelli August 09, 2016
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A redneck country-music-lovin piece of shit inclined to fucking his own mother.
Cletus is a rednecked country music lovin piece of shit inclined to fuck his mother.

Yep, he's one ugly maw dicker
by mawdicker November 09, 2009
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