Mauriell is the equivalent of the blob fish. She is grotesque and you should stay away from her. If you find a Mauriell RUN the other direction.
There is Mauriell run!
by Gotcha ;) October 08, 2019
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Mauriel is a kind hearted person . Mostly scorpio . Shy most of the time but once she’s comfortable around you then you can see her true self . Always helpful and great with kids . Mostly pretty . You might take her for a mean person but once you get to know her she’s a sweetheart . Once she falls in love with you it will be hard for her to get over you. She always wants things to go the way she Invisioned if not she will be upset but tries not to show it . If she really wants something she will work hard for it . You will love to be her friend .
Mauriel is so pretty
by Maurydoee April 07, 2019
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