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b.8/05/1956 the cutest and eldest daughters of the Bradys. Looks like Amanda Bynes a bit and Lauren Conrad a LOT. Played Marcia Brady for five years on "The Brady Bunch" (ABC-TV/1969-1974), and recent wrote a memori entitled "Here's the Story". In case you forgot, her TV sibs were Barry Williams as Greg , Eve Plumb as Jan -"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia---I were that I were an ONLY CHILD!, Chris Knight as Peter, Susan Olsen as Cindy, and Mike Lookinland as Bobby, plus Ann B.Davis as housekeeper Alice, Florence Henderson as mom Carol Brady, and the late Bob Reed , as father Mike Brady.

Maureen McCormick's one of several cast members, the two others being the two other Brady Girls who pulled out of various revivals.

Her book shows an interesting and shocking read.:) Published in fall 2008.

Oh..and I STILL prefer Jan ! SORRY MIDDLE CHILD!!!
Maureen McCormick=MARCIA..THE Hot Brady Chick.Right out of TV..
Marcia Marcia Marcia
by ESSJAY March 21, 2009
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