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Technically a "Maumpy" is a morbidly obese woman who is labeled as thus because she is undesirable due to her grotesque nature and mannerisms. Made Popular by nasty Evil Soca music songs, the term maumpy has been homogenized now to represent anyone with overzealous eating habits.

Guy#1- *Eating a box of fries*
Girl#1- Can I have some? *Puts hands anyway to dig out some*
Guy#1 – Yeah take a little..wha..wha the fuck!
Girl#1 -*Giggles and walks off with fries in hand*
Guy#1- Fucking maumpy! She Gone with more than half!
Example 2

Guy#1- Aight, I going back to the lab
Guy#2- Yeah man, the food wasn’t bad today
Guy#3- Lend me 5 dollars so I can buy cake, nuh man, please!
Guy#1- You aint just eat, Fucker?
Guy#3- But I want some dessert man.
Guy#2 – Fucking maumpy….

by Mr Incredible October 28, 2005
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