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laughing that doesn't come from joy or humor, but rather from overwhelming stress and/or severe trauma (psychologically an physically). People may experience this sour form of laughter or "maughter" when:
1. The written exam they're about to take is their last shot to pass a class and they can't answer a single question on it
2. They found out that a close family member has just died and they still haven't fully come to terms with it
As Doctor Wong forcibly realigned Jimmy's fractured arm, Jimmy began maughing and flailing his legs uncontrollably, which prompted nurses to rush into the room and hold him down until the procedure was done. Afterwards the nurses consoled the teen (who was now in tears and exhausted from all the flailing) and held up his arm while Dr. Wong could carefully wrap a cast on it.
by Red_Shaft July 21, 2017
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