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A Jewish Playa. In other words, a wealthy successful Jewish thug that overcame his middle-class upbringing.

Matzah Ballers typically wear a flat-billed Yamaka with a 9.99 sticker. Matzah Ballers will often wear a set of gold chains with an attached satchel of jew-gold.

Matzah Ballers showoff their status by using dual money clips. The first money clip is much tighter and will include a large number of $100 bills, whereas the 2nd money clip will contain coupons.

Finally much like a true baller, Matzah Ballers wear their new shoes with the price tag still affixed. However unlike traditional ballers..... Matzah Ballers also leave the "Clearance Sale" sticker attached.
Lou: Hey did you see those new Jordan's that Abraham was rocking?

Matt: Yeah man they were $15 at Ross but he complained and jewed them down to $12 because one of the laces was missing.

Lou: No shit? That dude is a real Matzah Baller!
by Dirt Swaze November 20, 2009
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