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A little lanky asian boy who continuously asks young innocent girls for nudes.He has no self respect and worst of all no respect for women. He thinks he’s a roadman and likes to be called a chigga...
He is confident and pretends to be popular but is actually a pale pasty spotty kid who jacks off on photos of young girls (these girls are fully clothed). He likes to video himself doing this creepy ass shit and send it to the girls he’s jacking off on. You’ll be having a conversation with him and he will say, ruffly every 10 minutes, that he needs to pause because this (perfectly normal convo) is turning him on so much that he needs to beat his meat. idk how he handles his never ending jizz machine in class.
Person 1: this weird asian boy keeps asking me for nudes. Idk who it is!

Person 2: must be Matty Chan. The only weirdo horny enough to ask you, a 11 year old for nudes.

Person 3: omg he’s a constant jizz machine!!
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by Your dads my bitch May 06, 2018
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