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Mattia Hall of Rutgers University on Busch Campus is unlike any other dorm hall in the country, if not the world. It is an engineering all-male dorm, and at first, people are turned off by these factors, due to the stereotypes chained to these variables. Little do people know that these men are the most hung, best looking, best drinkers, and the best people in general through out all of Rutgers(especially 2nd and 4th floor). With their wits and their charm, Mattia men can lay any woman they desire. They are the epitome of male excellence and all males should aspire to be them(which they won't achieve). The only downside to Mattia Hall is the lack of condoms in the vending due to the constant demand. Long live the king
"Mattia Hall is the best thing about Rutgers"
by The man Baccus August 16, 2016
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