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a young man who was murdered in Wyoming for being gay. On October 8, 1998 Matthew accepted a ride home from a bar. The two men pistol whipped him and tied him to a fence in freezing temperatures. He was found the next day by someone who originally thought he was a scarecrow, because of his positioning on the fence.

His killers said Matthew hit on them and they felt threatened. The judge rejected the "gay panic defense" and they were sent to jail.

His mother, Judy Shepard, has become an activist for GLBT rights, and a GLBT-inclusive National Hate Crimes bill bears Matthew's name.
President Obama is expected to sign the Matthew Shepard Act into law, providing legal protection to GLBT Americans.
by Travis Drake October 11, 2009
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Belief: A University of Wyoming Student who was murdered for being gay because of prevalent homophobia in the reddest state of the Union, Wyoming.

Reality: A gay drug addict who lived here in Laramie who was killed in a drug deal gone wrong. When his trial occurred, the Cheney family wanted to promote it as a sort of cause celebre' for Gay Rights since his daughter is gay. The murderers were pressed into confessing to the reason for the crime being homophobia for getting a lesser sentence by the prosecutor at the time. Afterwards they locked them up and threw away the key. Since then the University of Wyoming has over the years found a huge influx of the gay community who seek to attend UW just to make sure that they're attempting to avenge his death. The University now sponsors Matthew Shepard night, and plays movies and things dedicated to his death. In reality the gay community in Laramie is far more rude, vicious, conceited, arrogant, hubristic, and backstabbing than the rest of the town of Laramie for sure, and the gay community I knew in the state I was in before.
Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered, and it was tragic.
by AnEdgelord March 13, 2019
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