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The worlds shitiest middle school. Everyone there is either white trash or a chollo. Its as if 9/11 had a child with the holocaust and raised it at a church for retarded children. The worst teacher by far is that stupid asian invasion, Mr "faggot ching chong" Sun. That fucker sucks major chode. His OWN chode. This asshole actually compares his students to his kids. HIS FUCKING CHINGALING KIDS. And its not like they're smarter than us. he just thinks they are. He actually has the audacity to tell his students he's fucking SUICIDAL!! Hes a mentally unstable acorned-dick dog eater. He's such a retard, he doesn't teach. All his dumb ass does is tell us "Maybe you could do better" WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE THINK WE"RE TRYING TO DO, MAKE HIS MOMS FAVORITE CAT SOUP? Fuck this guy. Fuck him in his loose, yellow ass. Fuck this piece of shit school, too. All I did was say damn and the vice principle flips her shit.I...SAID...DAMN... i didn't say i raped your daughter. I swear to god I would rather cut of my ears and shove a dildo in the holes and down my throat instead of go back. Mr. Carlson a dick too. He picks favorites. And his son goes there too. He can go fuck his conservative ass with his laptop. I HATE THIS SCHOOL!
Hey do you know Matthew Gage Middle School ?
Yeah. If you ever talk about it again I will rape and eat your first born child.Like Mr. Sun does to dogs.
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by FUCKMRSUN April 05, 2016
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