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Definition of Matt the creator of Bob;
Canadian, grouchy at times, hard to predict yet an easy book to read. Matt created Bob the purple goat 1 through 45, I believe and still has a good creative mind when he wants to.
Though he is clever, someone you wish to talk to many times a week just to hear what he thinks, the Matt often tends to be extremely stubborn and/or grumpy. The nice side of Matt, rarely seen by any, consist of boastful flattery, kind like comforting and a few other things that I have not yet found out about.
The bad side, often seen by all, can be rude, hurtful and brutually honest to a bone cutting pain. He often puts this up for people who are 'dumb' in his opinion and Matt finds it hard to like anyone.

Though you sometimes wish to tell this Matt, creator of Bob, I warn you not to. It will either blow up in your face, cause Matt to ignore you in loathing, self loathing or awkward silences.

But don't be fooled. Matt still needs his affection. He still needs to be hugged. He still needs to know when people love him.
"Hi, Matt the creator of Bob!"
"Go away."
"=D I <3 you, Matt!"
". . .I <3 you too. Now go away."
by Secreto Ness February 09, 2006
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