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Matiana yes it is a name but

Beautiful girl who has no butt (legit curves in) the is so pretty with the most beautiful smile typically emotional a lot does a lot of crap for attecion typically Brown hair and Mexican or Hispanic but she is one of the best people to be friends with she care you her friends more than her self so love her with everything you have you cauldron sit down and have a 7 hour covosation with her about life one of her flaws is she has horriable taste info guys and will go after any she sees typically older (yah she’s kind of a ho some times) but is an overall amazing person never holds grudges and will for give you for almost any thing also she’s very sweet loving and depressed sometimes
“Dang Matiana is hot but I’ve already dated her like 4 Times but she so nice I just love Matiana”
by Rileyscott77 December 10, 2017
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