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Multiple Meanings. Originated among fat Dutch Girls who live in england.
1) The mateing Call of a a fat dutch girl, shouted in a club to attract one to satify their lusts.
2) Hello, I'm a slut.
3) Sex poistion involving a fat dutch girl and her lover, as well as a large number or tupilps and a pair of dutch clogs, these must all be inserted into the fat dutch girl in as many places as possible.
1) (While in a pub or club)
Desperate looser: Can I buy you a drink?
FDG: "NO, I no Matey Moo for you!"

2) FDG: (sees a possible victem) "Well Matey Moo to you sir!"

3) FDG: "Ooooh Ooooooooh, MATEY MOO ME,"
(Items are inserted)
by Michael1311 October 16, 2006
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John: Stu! Mateymoo!!
Stu: Oh fuck no. Not you too d00b...

Stu drops the hammer and wordroyalled/word John like he ain't no thang.
by Theeph June 17, 2003
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a word conveying deep caring and affinity for the person to which it is directed. may be used as an insult when directed at stubert, prince of darkness. The derivative "moo" may be added onto people's names, or used on it's own as a term of address.
1. "Hey there mateymoo, what's up?
"Not bad, quite looking forward to a hearty gikkle later on.

2. "Hey Stuartmoo, how's things?"
"Will you please fucking not call me that?"

3. "Hey moo! Good to see you!"

SKIT-SOTH! "It's. Fucking. STuart. Kay?"
by Sahara June 16, 2003
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