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A type of explosive very similar to Firecrackers which is ignited just like a match, the hard composition sitting on top of the explosive is friction sensitive and can either be strike'd or directly ignited with an open flame. The cracker begins to burn down from an internal fuse consisting of slow burning powder or visco until the explosive component is reached setting of a loud bang.

Match Crackers are very popular in the EU and are usually cheaper than firecrackers, they also tend to be waterproof in most cases. Size is measured in what is labeled 'K-O2--' they can range from the kids sized KO201 to the much more destructive K0212 all the way up to the extremely powerful K0218 . The smallest type actually contains gun powder in most cases, but 95% of the time they contain flash powder which is more explosive. To give you an idea of the power, the smallest type has 150mg of flash and K0212 has 3g of flash, the same as the classic M-80's of the 60's.

If used correctly they are very safe and only create a loud bang with a small shock-wave, they tend to have longer fuse times than firecrackers as they are designed to be held in the hand and thrown away as they are lit.
Match Crackers are the type with no fuse sticking out the top, they boast ridiculous amounts of flash and can be lit in more than one way, 3 ways if you count powerful laser pointers.

On to college we go, to blow up some motherfucking toilets!
by Mr. Reverb December 23, 2011
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