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it means a man originated from Kelantan (a state in Malaysia), they love to help their own people rather than other people from other states. So, they are hated by most people. Mat K is short form for 'Mat Kelantan' or Mr. Kelantan. In addition, they are also regarded as low caste people.
"Hoi, Mat K. Mu nok gi mano? Burit mu!"
Translation: Hey, Mat K. Where are you going? Fuck you!

"Gile ahh....Eh, Mat K..brek kau dah elok belum?"
Translation: Crazy...Hey, Mat K...have you repair your brake?

"Woi Mat K. Nape nape nape???!?!!!!"
Translation: Hey Mat K. Why why why????!!!!
by joengang March 21, 2010
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