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A name for a sexy man with an unusually spelled name. Do not mistake him for a Mason. Often times Masuns have gorgeous bodies and are very hard workers. Women who date such men are very lucky and will brag to their friends.

They also have an unexplained talent for making smoothies, parfaits, and other breakfast items; however they can still maintain their manly qualities.

Although Masuns contain lots of pent up sexual energy, they are also honest and try to not act upon those feelings.

As an additional bonus, Masuns have a natural talent for making women as wet as a Vietnamese monsoon in August.
Woman 1: Wow, that guy I met last week at the bar is such a Masun! He's so talented and caring!

Woman 2: You're so lucky! I can't believe it. Why do you always find the best men?
by KLC58 January 14, 2013
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