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An online homework program designed to rob college students of their hard-earned money and serve as a crutch for professors too lazy to write their own homework assignments or to teach. Its purpose, beyond making millions for the publishing company, is apparently to reduce the number of engineering graduates in the United States by utterly demoralizing and destroying their confidence in an effort to force them to drop the program and/or kill themselves.
I used up all but one attempt on this stupid Mastering Engineering problem, before I realized it had switched everything to kiloOhms instead of Ohms! And then I still got it wrong! FML!
by kypok February 17, 2012
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The number one cause for depression and suicide in engineering students. This program is so incompetent Satan wouldn't even use it to punish the damned because he wouldn't have the patience to input the 30 letter and number sequence to open the account. See also Mastering Chemistry, Mastering Physics, Mastering literally insert anything here. They're all equally crap.
"My professor assigned us Mastering Engineering this semester."
"That's rough buddy *ties you a noose*"
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A program that allows students to do assignments online. It is designed to make the life of engineering students suck more than it already does.
Student A: Hey did you do mastering engineering?
Student B: Yeah, here's my answer.
Student A: Hey it won't accept the same answer!
Student B: Our numbers are different! DAMMIT!!
Student C: Try taking a ratio of your numbers and her answer...
*ponder for a while*
Student B: Okay plug that in...
Student A: Time ran out! ARGH!!
by HaruhiSuzuki November 28, 2010
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