A cute, brilliant, smart, and beautiful person, inside and out. You can trust her always, and she will be always for you. Even you don´t look for her, no matter how busy you are, she will gift you at least 5 mins every day.

The best person you can meet ever will be named Massiel.

Always care about be good looking, fresh and be ready for anything day by day.
Massiel is a very fun person, she will always share with you what she likes, ask for your opinion, play with you and when topic is serious, she can be serious enough and support you.

The most important thing is that shw will always be with you, no matters what...

If there is a Massiel in your life, you are a real lucky person.
by XnurBrunX March 7, 2017
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Massiel is a Spanish pop singer who was born in Madrid, Spain in 1947. She won the Eurovision song contest with the song "La, la, la". She beat the British pop singer Cliff Richard's and his song "Congratulations".
Massiel is a very good singer
by scared pan August 13, 2019
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Massiels are really beautiful , sexy ,and very exotic.She is a fun girl to chill with and loves to have a good time, you can almost always find them in a good mood and everyone loves her. She's takes care of herself and always smells good and dresses fresh from head to vagina to toe. She typically has a nice ass.hince why her name is mASSiel. Massiel's look very innocent on the outside but once you get to know their hidden side , you figure out they are the freakiest and sexiest women you will find .
Boy: hey braaah, I met this girl named massiel and she's. Like super sexy! And exotic ! She's so innocent and sweet but maaan I dated her and daaamn bruh ! Her lap dances are bomb, the way she licks them soft lips will make you crazy, She'll ride you like a horse , she'll suck you like a popsicle! She'll make u so horny you might even finger yourself in the ass ! And talking about asses have u seen that ass she got! Damn..massiel..mhhhmm
by suckmybigblackcockmommy January 21, 2012
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