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When an individual feels offended by the truth in a statement u made & the thought of "Guilt" starts to set in, eating them alive from the inside out...

To break it down a bit more>>>

When someone makes a factual statement about a dislike in someone's negative attitude, habit or lifestyle, then simultaneously as that unfortunate individual comprehends the statement, the thought of "Guilt" starts to set in, eating them alive from the inside out. Thereafter the Guilt sometimes evolves into hate. Thus resulting in aggressive responses to that individual who made the statement.
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You make a statement about women who bleach their skin & all the bad side effects of it...
Then a woman who bleaches feels offended because of the TRUTH you speak. So now is when the "Guilt" starts working its magic

She then starts to think:
I hate that person for talking about me like that...
Why did that person made that statement sound so bad?
Why did i start to bleach my skin?
Should i stop? because i feel so bad now about doing it...
Will those side effects happen to me?
Will i get back darker if i stop?
Do men still find me attractive?
Then after all the "worries & guilt" destroys her, she either try to contain whats left & let it out somewhere else or transform & channel all of it into hate towards the individual who made the statement.
by Res268 July 31, 2011
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