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male-oriented seductive moves that are typically used to attract a female. Usually it's a combination of but not limited to:

1. The most stereotypical ones are flexing a muscle, puffing a chest, deepening your voice, smooth-talking your way into a girl’s pants.
Then there are others like
2. purposely towering over a girl to seem like an alpha or staring a girl down in a dominant way to stir something primal in her
3. doing traditional masculine tasks to show off physique
4. wearing plain shirts or pants that are too tight in all the right places
5. doing something that shows the skillfulness of your big strong hands
6. putting your arm around a girl
7. lifting a girl up to show off upper body strength
8. putting your hand on the small of her back
9. walking in a commanding, authoritative way (or with swagger) that calls attention to your presence
10. smiling at her in a sly and knowing way
11. making suggestive jokes to remind girls to view you in a sexual way
12. acting so incredibly gentlemanly that a girl feels comfortable and safe enough to be emotionally and potentially physically naked in front of you
13. pulling up his shirt to show off abs if he's muscular
"After getting all sweaty from a basketball game, this cute shirtless guy smiled at me. I couldn't take my eyes off his muscles and that's just what he wanted. Damn those masculine wiles!"

"He offered to carry my bag and I let him because I couldn't resist his masculine wiles."

"John was such a caveman last night. When he realized I was just as horny as he was, he lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. I was putty in his hands. Don't you just love masculine wiles!"
by You'reWelcomeAmerica February 17, 2014
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The ability for a man to cook breakfast in bed, after returning from a successful Clay Pigeon Shoot, whilst quoting Shakespeare.
"These are great eggs, Bob, Certainly been working on your Masculine Wiles"
"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. "
by ghop56 April 22, 2015
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When men are whores like women.
1) Leaning against your desk with one or two palms on it is an example of masculine wiles.

2) Licking your face is also an explicit usage of masculine wiles.
by Rainbow Pony September 02, 2008
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